The DARIAH Theme

Since 2015 DARIAH-EU’s Board of Directors sets an annual thematic priority, the DARIAH Theme. The idea is to stimulate activities and events related to a topic important to digitally enabled research in the arts and humanities.

„Open Humanities“: DARIAH's Theme in 2015

The first DARIAH theme was “Open humanities“. The directors decided on making open humanities a priority for DARIAH, because to date arts and humanities data resources are not easily available. In many cases, they are locked away or isolated in many other ways. Most likely, the resources will be owned by different communities and subject to different rights.

DARIAH is committed to changing this situation and thus promotes open arts and humanities research. It works towards an effective use of data resources, also by communities who do not yet have digital arts and humanities capacities.

Having this in mind DARIAH allocated 45.000 Euros for events exploring the open humanities theme, for example, larger conferences, a series of workshops or hackathons.

All DARIAH Partner Institutions were invited to send in proposals to organize such events. There were two very important conditions: All theme related activities had to involve:

  1. more than one DARIAH Member and
  2. at least one outside organization.

The Call was published in early 2015. All proposals were reviewed by 2 peer reviewers. DARIAH received ten submissions and decided to fund six projects. They received funding in the range of 5,000€ up to 10,000€.

Funded projects collaborating with GLAMs
DARIAH-DK (Marianne Huang) with the British Library and other institutions:
„Internet of Cultural Things“.

DARIAH-Be (Veerle Vanden Daelen) with archives:
„Open History – Sustainable digital publishing of archival catalogues: a workshop for archivists of twentieth-century history archives“. Read a Blog Post about the Project

DARIAH-Cy (Marinos Ioannides) and DARIAH-Malta (Milena Dobreva) and Heritage Institutions: „The e-documentation of the European Intangible Heritage“

Funded projects collaborating with universities and publishers

DARIAH-RS (Toma Tasovac) and various universities: „Developing Open Source Training Materials in the Humanities“

DARIAH-AT (Eveline Wandl-Vogt) and DARIAH-IE (Alexander O´Connor) with Open Knowledge Foundation and Wikimedia: „Linked Open Data 4 Living Organisms“

DARIAH-IT (Hansmichael Hohenegger) with publishers and museums: „Models for Open Access Publishing“