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DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, aims to enhance and support digitally-enabled research and teaching across the humanities and arts. Read More
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DARIAH is a network of people, expertise, information, knowledge, content, methods, tools and technologies coming from various countries. Read More

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The DARIAH working group on Visual Media and Interactivity builds a contact point for DARIAH members that are interested in visual media and interactivity.

“Humanities at Scale”, a project coordinated by DARIAH, will receive 1.9 Million Euros under Horizon 2020 funding in the next two years.

DARIAH-RS invites paper submissions for the 13th Conference „Digitization of Cultural Heritage & Digital Humanities“ in Belgrade.

EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure) invites applications for its fellowship programme.


Mike Mertens is the newly appointed CEO of DARIAH-EU. Representing DARIAH’s Board of Directors, Conny Kristel commented on its decision: “We are delighted with Mike joining DARIAH. He is very cross-linked with various digital research communities in Europe and has a lot of expertise in the field.”

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