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DARIAH supports digital research in the arts and humanities. Our members provide digital tools and share data as well as know-how. Learn more about DARIAH
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DARIAH is a network: It connects hundreds of scholars and dozens of research facilities in currently 18 countries. Discover who they are

Latest News

The Göttingen Dialog in Digital Humanities has established a forum for the discussion of digital research methods. The initiative is organized with the involvement of DARIAH-EU.

DARIAH-EU's directors have published a paper on "Recent Trends in Humanities Research Infrastructures".

The Croatian Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research gives an overview of the DARIAH-ERIC.

RITrain is conducting a 10-15 minutes survey about the most pressing training needs in management and leadership for research infrastructures.

The Department of Digital Humanities is recruiting four new posts: three lectureships and a professorial post.

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