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The survey investigates Open Access and its implications for the currently established peer review process.

In terms of communications DARIAH now collaborates with other European Research Infrastructure Consortiums (ERIC) and projects in the SSH.

DARIAH's working group Digital Methods and Practices Observatory (DiMPO) published Highlights from it's current report on how digital researchers...

The DARIAH-DE DH Award 2017 aims to distinguish innovative research by young scholors from the arts and humanities, computer sciences and information...

This year's first Humanities meeting took place in Paris this month.

The topic of the DARIAH-EU workshop will be “Building Multilingual Thesauri”. It will focus on the presentation of the Greek web tool Themas.

The Russian DH Network and Siberian Federal University invites to take part in the survey asking about influential books, people and characteristics...

DARIAH's Joint Research Committee (JRC) decided unanimously on Agiatis Benardou to co-head Virtual Competence Center (VCC) "Research and Education".

DARIAH-EU is calling for applications for one vacant VCC head position (VCC=Virtual Competence Centre): VCC3 - Scholarly Content Management.

DARIAH Partners Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) and Trinity College Dublin (TCD), as well as the Free University of Berlin (FUB) are...

DARIAH-HR invites to participate in the international workshop "Sustainable access to digital cultural and scientific heritage: Ethical and legal...

The main topic of AIUCD 2017 is the use of big data methods, cultural analytics and distant reading in the Humanities.

Arnaud Roi is DARIAH-EU's new Finance Officer, he is in charge of planing and monitoring the consortium's budget.

Epistemological and theoretical foundations of Information – Documentation science: a tribute to francophone pioneers.

DARIAH, the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities, seeks a research associate/developer (preferable PHP) based in Berlin.

CLARIN ERIC wants to give a boost to its external communication and outreach and has created a job opening for a Communications Officer (0.4 fte)

The second workshop of the project “Elaboration of a Concept for a European Academies Internet Gateway (AGATE)” will take place on Monday, 16 January...

The deadline for the VCC heads application (VCC2 and VCC3) has been extended until Monday 19th December (included).

DARIAH-RS is hosting a public event on Museums and the Challenges of Open Access to be held on December 16 at the Yugoslav Film Archives in Belgrade.

DARIAH Cooperating Partner King's College London is seeking five post-doctoral research assistants for 'Language Acts and Worldmaking'.

DARIAH's DESIR project will kick off next year.

The Impactomatrix is an interactive website that gives you the possibility to boost the impact of your digital tools or infrastructure components.

DARIAH-EU is calling for applications for two vacant VCC heads positions (VCC=Virtual Competence Centre): VCC2 - Research and Education Liaison and...

DARIAH Affiliate PARTHENOS invites to attend their workshop “Introducing PARTHENOS – Integrating the Digital Humanities”.

The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS), Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen (UCPH), Denmark, invites applications for...

Andrea Scharnhorst will take on her new role in December.

The Royal School of Library and Information Science (RSLIS), Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, Denmark, invites applications for an...

DARIAH's Coordinating Institution in Germany, the Goettingen State and University Library, organises a conference on historical documents in digital...

The Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen is inviting applications for 16 PhD scholarships starting 1 September 2017 for a period of...

DARIAH Partner Institution University of Graz hosts a Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage.

Research Infrastructure News

In light of the ove Your Data (LYD) campaign CESDDA highlights the network of social science data archives across the world.

The Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (ADP) organised a round table conference entitled “Ethics in Science with a special focus on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation”.

The General Assembly of CESSDA, Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives, appointed Ron Dekker as the new director at its meeting on 15 November 2016 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

CLARIN is keeping track of CLARIN-related references of publications. We aim at having comprehensive lists.

Attitudes in South Africa can now be compared with European countries: Data from three ESS modules replicated in the 2015 South African Social Attitudes Survey (SASAS) is now available.

A second SERISS training course on survey sampling, weighting and estimation will take place at the University of Ljubljana on 24-25 April 2017.

"Recap from PARTHENOS' workshop", which aimed at exploring the current state of the art and issues related to the use of 3D technology in archaeology and cultural heritage sciences.

This spring school at Radboud University offers courses into several widely-used techniques and tools in Digital Humanities.

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