DARIAH in Croatia: The Community Grows

The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research (IEF), DARIAH's national coordinating institution in Croatia (DARIAH-HR), is working on expanding its network of partners to provide a solid foundation for the development of a digital infrastructure for the arts and humanities.

The IEF recently invited relevant institutions from throughout Croatia to join the consortium and organised a public panel to further introduce them to DARIAH.

Panel gives an overview of DARIAH
The panel "DARIAH-HR: Croatia in the European Consortium for Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities" discussed activities and future plans of DARIAH-EU and DARIAH-HR. It was led by Croatia's National Coordinator Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar. Additionally Tvrtko Zebec gave a presentation of DARIAH's virtual competence center "Research and Education", in which he represents Croatia.

The panel brought together existing members of the DARIAH-HR community and representatives of potential new partner organizations. "We had a lot of fruitful discussions and positive reactions after the presentations", Koraljka Kuzman Šlogar, summarised the event.

DARIAH-HR community grows
As an outcome of the IEF's work a significant number of letters from various scientific research institutions and cultural institutions arrived at the institute, they all wish to join DARIAH-HR. "This testifies to the fact that, that over the past two years, the image and recognition of digital humanities has greatly changed", Kuzman Šlogar said, "subsequently the DARIAH-HR community increased, and we managed to involve many disciplines of the humanities and the arts".