#dariahTeach Open Education Workshop

22-23 March 2017

In conjunction with the #dariahTeach conference Open Resources

Dorigny Campus, Lausanne, Amphimax Building 414

This workshop is hosted by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the University of Lausanne, other #dariahTeach partner institutions and the University of Teacher Education of State of Vaud

Participation by invitation only. Program here; list of abstracts here.

Supported by a DARIAH Public Humanities grant, in collaboration with CLARIN

Chairs, #dariahTeach team members: Wednesday morning, Tanja Wissik; Wednesday afternoon: Costas Papadopoulos; Thursday morning: Eliza Papaki

  1. Keynote lectures

Mark Brown, Dublin City University (IE), “Shaping the Future of Digital Humanities: Off the Rails and Other Critical Tales” (abstract).

Darja Fišer, University of Ljubljana (SI) & CLARIN, “Integrating CLARIN language resources into the classroom environment” (abstract).

Rikke Toft Nørgård, Aarhus University (DK), “New (infra)structures for the future university: beyond digitized higher education?” (abstract).

2. Papers

Carmen Sophia Cadenas, European Documentation Center (IT), “The Digital Librarian as an Ethnographic Researcher: going undercover in the classroom to collect data on the use of digital resources in language learning” (abstract).

Vinayak Das Gupta, Maynooth University (IE), “Developing Electronic Teaching Resources for Indian Universities” (abstract).

Gábor Palkó, Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest (HU) & Gábor Tamás Molnar, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (HU) & “Active text apprehension and teaching literature through/in the medium of the information and communications technology (ICT)” (abstract).

Karen O’Donnell, Durham University (UK), “ False Binaries: Digital Education and the Challenge of Training Priests Online” (abstract).

Sasha Rudan, Oslo University (NO), “Holistic education – DH toolset and methodologies for sustainable and frictionless science-art-society cycle” (abstract).

Kassahun Tilahun, Debre Berhan University (Ethiopia), “Addressing Diversity in Distance Learning: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Approaches of Using Open Educational Resources in Higher Education Institutions of Ethiopia” (abstract).

Workshop endorsed by international associations of Digital Humanities : ADHO, EADH and Humanistica